Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Safer Internet Day activity

This morning we have been learning and discussing ways to be safe when we are online. As a class, we have created a jigsaw sharing the ways we can be respectful and ways to ensure we are safe.

Your task
Please connect with us and share your respectful comments about our jigsaw.

Thank you in advance,

Miss Pinder and 5PH


  1. Fantastic work! I love all the different ideas on how to keep yourselves safe and be respectful to others online!

  2. hi i love what you have done with the jigsaws i wish i was still there :(

  3. Great idea and i love all of your designs! They are fab! Remember to always stay safe online and always have respect for others :)

  4. Well done 5PH. It is good to know you work as a team to help each other understand how to use the internet respectfully and safely.

  5. Fantastic work 5PH. Amazing ideas on keeping safe. Great work. Well Done.